Day Visits & Overnight Stays

Below you will find a list of the services we are currently offering. Please note that every pets' needs are different and vary. We will gladly (along with your guidance) plan out what services are needed for your particular fur baby.

Day Visits



Work long hours? Can't come home for lunch? Does your pet need to take any medication midday? Does he/she suffer from separation anxiety?

We offer daily visits throughout the day. Each 30 minute visit includes walking, feeding, changing wee wee pads, administering medications, playtime, cleaning of litter box and anything else your 4 legged baby wants to do.


Need to let Max out for just a quick walk? Ask about our 15 minute visits.

Overnight Stays



Want to feel better about leaving your pet at home alone? We offer overnight stays. We will spend the night with your pets to ensure they rest a little easier knowing someone is there with them. Overnight stays include the same services as Day visits.


How it works: We would come in late evening go for a walk, have some play time, and snuggle up for the night. In the morning we would feed, walk, clean litter box, administer medications (if applicable), take trash out, and any other services you need done. There would be a midday 30 minute visit and another around dinner time.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Additional services


Mail and newspaper retrieval

Rotate lights and curtains

Water plants

Put out & bring in trash bins

Scoop the poop

Pet Taxi

Nail trims and dremel


In-Home boarding* Limited space and restrictions